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Around the Island


The Mahogany Tree where meetings were held and notices posted.

Crossroads. The Mahogany Tree in The Valley.

Bank of America

St.Mary's Church in The Valley

The Valley looking North (or West?), possibly with Ebenezer Methodist Church on the left.

The Valley Secondary School on the site of the present High School. The building on the left is the old school laboratory, the one on the right is the boys toilet.

This appears to be morning line up before the children went into assembly.  There was also a similar line up in the afternoon after the lunch break from which you went to directly to class.

First Anguilla Scouts

First Anguilla Cub Scouts

Hibiscus House - a family guest house which used to be owned by the late Floretta Callender, a pioneer of tourism in Anguilla.  The description on the back of this postcard adds: " the place to enjoy a home cooked meal in the center of activity at The Valley on beautiful Anguilla. Minutes away from unsurpassed beaches and fishing grounds. American Plan, also car rentals"

The Valley Road . The building in the background is the Anguillian.  It still stands on the corner of the North Side Road.The gentleman on the bike may be the late James 'Jim" Gumbs, who always wore a helmet like the rider. He was the water superintendent at the time,  responsible for two pumping stations.   

On the left of the picture is an old 'silk cotton' tree which was one of three important trees in the Valley (the other two being the "Mahogany Tree" and Cap'n Blue's Tamarind Tree) like the others it has since died.  In this picture it was already past its best.  You would hear older folks still referring to the area as the "Silk Cotton" tree. 

Water pumping station

The Valley Road, looking downhill from the Cottage Hospital.

The Valley Road with oven on the left and flamboyant tree in the background.

Crocus Bay. The late Lydia Gumbs is holding the net in the foreground. This photograph was made into a postcard in the early 1960s.

Government House in The Valley, prior to 1967.

Wall Blake Airfield, built in 1943, looking West.

Wall Blake Airfield offices of Immigration and Customs.

Metropolitan Police in Anguilla.

Metropolitan Police patrol car.

South Hill

Blowing Point Road


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